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Sound Extractions has revolutionized the extraction industry

Our patent pending Sonic Extraction is the most efficient biomass to consumer ready ultrasonic extraction method available. The innovative and scalable processing system enables customers to processes flower or extracts(distillate, isolate, etc)for use in tinctures, edibles, beverages, capsules, and topicals. 

Ultrasonic Extraction Technology Equipment


Sound Extractions yields high quality solventless and water soluble extracts in a shorter period of time through a safe, easy to perform process.


Sound Extractions fully infuses all cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids into any carrier oil in minutes with efficiencies above 95%.


3 year warranty and premier on site services that includes site installation, process training, and continued site visit optimization.

what we offer

Sonic Extraction for Your Business

There is no post processing necessary. This means your final oil or butter is full spectrum and can be added directly into a consumer ready product. Not only can the equipment produce high quality ready to use oils, it also creates a water soluble solution from flower or extracts that can easily be added to beverages, gummies, topicals, etc.

Ultrasonic Extraction Technology Equipment

Sonic 1

Extraction Capacity (Dried Hemp or Cannabis): 6 lbs / hr

Water Soluble Processing  (extract): 250g/ hr

Ultrasonic Extraction Technology Equipment

Sonic 2

Extraction Capacity (Dried Hemp or Cannabis):  30 lbs / hr

Water Soluble Processing (extract): 1kg/hr

Sound Extractions Difference

Sound Extractions yields high quality concentrated extracts in a shorter period of time through a safe, easy to perform process. Extraction occurs at ambient (or slightly elevated) pressure and room temperature, which allows the process to be safely and legally conducted in commercial kitchens. Meet you commercial processing needs with Sonic Extraction. 

Ability to process flower or extracts into water soluble products

Extraction time in 15-30 minutes

Extraction rate of 90-97% for capture of all available cannabinoids

No special building requirements

Full plant infusion

No post processing required

Full control over to input material allowing strain specific and carrier oil specific finished products

Certified for commercial kitchen operation

Safe and simple operation

Minimal and safe thermal treatment

No hazardous / toxic chemicals needed

Environmentally friendly process

Compatible with standard 11ov outlets

Total cannabinoid concentration up to 20% by weight. (200mg of Cannabinoids / 1 ml of oil)

Our awesome Customers

Customer Success

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our customers say:

The solventless, full spectrum extracts that we produce using Sound Extraction technology has proven to be a preferred product of our customers. The scaleability of the design has also allowed us to expand into larger B2B wholesale accounts.”

David Swift

Colorado Better Days

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